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07.04.2011 21:45  baah
YM RockerZ i love you! Continue the good work! :)
06.04.2011 22:13  Tao
Just a short note to thank all you YMR Guys for your fantastic contributions. Those releases are always a pleasure :)
13.02.2011 19:09
your music disks sounds even better on a real atari then as mp3s =)
bought an Atari STE 2weeks ago ;)
01.02.2011 10:45
Hi, it seems that downloads are missing. HTTP 404 all the time!
13.04.2010 14:09  timbral
Wonderful! A Win7 compliant version! ^_^
21.03.2010 19:10  Cream
Hi Guys,

there is a new version of Jam for Windows available. ... have fun ...
14.08.2009 09:53  gwEm
i suggest we continue the discussion here:
12.08.2009 12:26  Lars
Stefan, gwEm: Have not received any mails from you lately... Please re-send.
09.08.2009 16:00  Stefan Lindberg
Yes i am also having problem posting here and must send emails directly to Lars :-/
09.08.2009 14:15  gwEm
yes if the replayer is patched properly

have sent Lars a detailed reply. tried to post it here, but it was refused for some reason.

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