Our guestbook is not active anymore. you can watch old entries here. It might return in the future.

13.12.2017 13:54
YM Rockerz guestbook testing 1, 2, 1, 2....

Hmm... hello world??
27.12.2016 21:11  Lars
HeY Rockerz,

we, the YM chipmunk junkies are in desperate need of a vol 8 release of your musical creations! Hope 2017 brings us your stuff... ;-)

Pale: Try MaximYzer on real hardware...
23.11.2016 12:54  Pale
Hello Rockerz!

I want to make music like Mad Max. What programm can you prefer?
18.10.2016 11:16
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19.04.2016 16:13  Roger

you can run zx spectrum 48k and one 128k programs at the full 6MHz if you try the two snaper disks from the velesoft website ok?
26.05.2015 21:12  Lars
"YM, rock´ er´s !"
Wann geht´s wieder weiter?!
15.05.2015 20:52  Snarf
When will the next release be ready to go?
18.02.2015 22:08  Steve Gregory (AtariSTEve)
I think you guys are the best.
Absolutely awesome tunes. Quality unrivalled. Keep going - do not EVER stop!!!!

21.12.2014 19:13  Aeon of Aura
YM Rockerz? Where are you? Please give us more of your sounds! :-)
Have nice xmas holidays with your friends and family!
Best wishes from me...
13.12.2014 23:33
Fantastic, when is the next release? we need more :D
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