Still YM Rockin'

It's a fact. Our scene-life is inevitably fading. Times are over, when we independently decided about the ways of our lives. We're no longer able to spend nights in our small chaotic rooms, coding demos and forgetting the world around us. The sun was something we only darkly remembered because we hadn't seen it for a long time. The seasons didn't matter to us, we went around with a tunnel vision, pondering about code-optimisation and new effects. We didn't care about a full fridge, clean clothes, a shower or female attractions...

We have to admit that we're now socialised, bound to interhuman relationships. We're now husbands, fathers, uncles, employees, employers or whatever. Involved into different kinds of responsibility or busy in the struggle for life.

If we haven't given up to some shady kind of attraction, we still find some relaxation and inspiration in letting creativity flow and our scene community participate in it. But pixel artists and chipmusicians are suffering from the lack of projects, which are their platforms to perform on. One reason for many products dying on floppy- or harddisks...

This project is an attempt to free ourselves from the dependency of big demo-projects and to install a platform to present our works. Everybody is invited to participate in this project. Chipmusicians, as well as grafic artists or coders.

Today we can say that this project is a real success. We were able to offer a platform for different composers, some of them totally new to the atari-scene. We got a lot of positive feedback and even lowtech-fans from outside the atari-scene admire our works.

YM Rockerz united, still rockin'