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16.10.2012 01:45
Inspiring music for dwelling in old times and creating new chiptunes...
26.06.2012 00:03  Vincent
Hello i am the manager of the creator of
We want to promote your music on this channel,but we have to take your permission for it!
So do you want to help us get your music a bit bigger? :) let us know!
-Vincent fanis
27.03.2012 01:59
WONDERFULL, love you
03.10.2011 14:05  Snord
Hi YM-Rockerz! Please can you provide all mp3s in 192 kbps like in SEVEN?
Just love your songs!!!
28.08.2011 04:56  bittin
my favorite Atari ST music group has all your music on disks and play them on my 520STe with 4mb from time to time
04.08.2011 00:47  schmx
You did it again! Considering my sick taste, this album is so far the best one!!! Keep it up!!!!!
03.08.2011 21:02  Lars
Seven now running on my car�s MP3 all the tyme ;-)

Don�t let the pause to your next release nearly starve us YM junkies again...!
26.04.2011 22:13
Guys, your music is wonderful! But would you please provide some HIGH QUALITY cover art with your releases as well as tracks in 320 kbps in the future? THANKS! :)
16.04.2011 22:03
Hi, it seems that downloads are missing. HTTP 404 all the time!
14.04.2011 06:03  Scarlettkitten
I love your music disks, superb :) xx
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