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09.08.2009 02:22  Stefan Lindberg
Will the ST timer effects work if the AY8930 is on a cartridge?
07.08.2009 12:15  Lars Baumstark
06.08.2009 18:43  gwEm
stefan - those are really good recordings.

it seems clear that the AY is too much de-muffled compared to the YM by completely removing this capacitor. i think its pretty important to get as close as to the same as the stock sound for composing reasons.

lars - what do you think about my idea to make the AY on a separate expansion cartridge?
05.08.2009 21:58  Stefan Lindberg
Also i have not modified the volume in those recordings, this is exactly how differnt they sound to each other.
05.08.2009 21:56  Stefan Lindberg
Two recordings by me. One origianl YM setup and the other AY8930 without the cap. (40 mb, FLAC)
04.08.2009 18:53  Lars
Another hint for the AY/YM comparison:
Set the YM MP3 recording to +100% (i.e. in iTunes) - then the experience of the recordings (AY unmuffled, YM original) is quite the same!
04.08.2009 18:48  Lars
04.08.2009 05:27  Stefan Lindberg
About the volume of the recordings... i think Lars has amplified them until they reach their clipping point and as the (unmuffled) AY recording has less bass than the YM then it was possible to amplify it a lot more.
I agree that the modded AY sound a bit too bright as it is now, what about putting a lower value cap there instead of removing it?
03.08.2009 21:39  gwem
i mean of course modded AY sounds a bit brighter than default YM
03.08.2009 21:38  gwem
if anything the capacitor removed version is a bit brighter. the difference between the muffled and unmuffled versions in massive.

is it c10 or c8 on these schematics?

i guess c10? maybe a bit of experimentation might be nice to find a better match

what is the real difference in volume between YM and AY, in these clips the AY one is alot louder, making comparison harder.
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